Azelia- Colors Availble


  • Plant type- Outdoors, all season
  • Heavy bloomers, can give more than 10 buds at a time
  • Very beautiful flower appearance, comparable to rose
  • Very hardy
  • Ideal as Bonsai flowering tree
  • Good for dish gardens
  • Can survive for years as permanent plant
  • Watering- daily

Shipping details- The product will be shipped with a nicely packed poly bag having some media-either cocopeat or soil


Azalea is the common name for various flowering shrubs within the plant genus Rhododendron, characterized by the lack of scales on the underside of the generally thin, soft, and pointed leaves, and typically having terminal blooms (one flower per stem), flowers with five or six stamens, and with long straight hairs parallel to the leaf surface and along the midrid on the ventral surface of the leaf. Originally, azaleas were classed as a different genus of plant, but now they are recognized as two of the subgenera of rhododendrons: subgenus Pentanthera (deciduous), and subgenus Titsushi (evergreen).

pink-and-white petaled flowers

Azaleas are very popular ornamental plants and among the most popular garden plants. Their showy flowers are prized for their beauty and the leaves of evergreen species add a deep green color to a garden while the leaves of deciduous azaleas offer a bright color in the fall before they fall. Some are used in producing food and drink

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Red, White


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