If your amount is debited from the bank even after a payment transaction that is failed, the onus will be on your bank to refund the payment in your account.

In case you have made the payment for an order on our website more than once for the same order, we reserve the right to adjust the payment as per our terms. We will usually refund the payment if you file a request at [email protected] . You can let us know through what mode you want the payment to be refunded.

For the avoidance of doubt, please take note that nothing needs to be refunded through the payment gateway unless the amount is paid twice.

The refund should be claimed within 7 days of the mistaken payment.

In case, the customer has more than one account, we reserve the right to adjust the amount in any of the accounts. We have the right to take action as per our wish, which should be addressed to the customer nicely.

The business is not a drop-shipping model. I create the products, in this case, I am growing plants in my garden and selling them. Yes, we purchase items such as pots or fertilizer and then use them to create dish gardens. So, It’s not a drop-shipping model. Its direct sale and purchase model. 

The service delivery timeline includes a maximum of 7 days and a minimum of 1 day. We are using a professional air courier so the delivery is usually fast.