Its magical and nothing you have ever seen. Abracadabra comes with s brilliant stripes combinstion of dark red vs yellow.

Each bloom comes with different rose similar to the magic tricks with spell Abracadabra.

Roses assisted with strong stem. The bloom shape is edgy and classic hybrid tea.

This rose is very popular and always on very high demand.  Hence its hard to get it. We have it and in good shape .

HT Rose, long lasting

Fragrance None

Plant age 6 months

Rairty level Common


Commercially available

• Forkasu Porkasu

• KORhocsel

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Red blend Floribunda.

Exhibition name: Abracadabra

Discovered by W. Kordes & Sons (Germany, before 2001).

Floribunda, Florists Rose.

Yellow and red, stripes. Flowers deep red/brown with lemon yellow stripes. None to mild fragrance. Average diameter 2.75″. Medium, double (17-25 petals) bloom form. Blooms in flushes throughout the season.

Medium, thornless (or almost). Matte, dark green foliage.


  1. Height: up to 32″ (up to 80cm).


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