Haworthia Cooperi Half Window


Meet our beloved transparent beauty. This is the best and most exotic you can get.
The half window features leaf offering half translucent from above. Simple keep it in front of light and you can see the magic.

  • Cute moulded and rounded leaves
  • ALmost transparent half window leaves
  • Beautiful veins seen where half window meats the leaf
  • Easy for small spaces
  • Easy to propagate
  • Grows slowly and also flowers
  • Can be kept indoors, outdoors, or under the shade
  • Watering once a week
  • Beautiful to just look at
  • Appear to be made of plastic but it’s not

Shipping details- The succulents are first dried for a day or two and then sent bare root, carefully wrapped in a soft tissue paper with proper caution taken along with great packing. We don’t send succulents to the soil as it can cause root damage. It’s easier to revive a dry plant but impossible to revive a rotten plant. hence we don’t take that risk as with soil, excess water can rott the plant


The Haworthia Cooperi plant are slow-growing succulents producing clumps of small rosettes of tiny fleshy leaves or light green color. The transparent leaves give cooperi a unique appearance.

It grows up to 2” inches long. The short stem of this plant sprouts variegated leaves that almost reach the soil surface.

The stems of Haworthia Cooperi have transparent tips enabling light to pass.

Flowering and Fragrance

The blooming time of this plant is in summer and spring.

The inflorescence of white-colored flowers grows on a peduncle, growing up to 12” inches.

water dew on green plant

Light & Temperature

Haworthia Cooperi prefers to sit in bright light but doesn’t like direct full sun.

When this plant is growing in its native environment, it’s mostly situated under the partial shade of a tree, rock, or other objects.

It is best to place this plant on a windowsill facing west or east to get bright light for at least three to four hours during the day. Good results are obtained by giving plants morning sun exposure.

The Haworthia Cooperi prefers the warm temperatures during the summer but also grows well in the cooler temperature down around 50° degrees Fahrenheit (10° C).

The temperature should not be below 40° degrees Fahrenheit (4° C) as this results in a freezing injury.

The hardiness zones of this plant are 9 – 11.

Haworthia Cooperi Watering and Feeding

During the summer season, water cooperi Haworthia generously and evenly. Make sure to allow the soil to dry completely between watering.


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