Minerva Rose


The Minerva Rose seems out of this world from every Angle. Talk about its brilliant dark wine shade, the cupped form, and the vigorous bloom form. Its a perfect, rare, and exotic rose. Add this to your garden and you will stand a chance to attract everyone. Also, this rose is quite rare, not to mention easy to care for. Buy it and you will be one of few who have this in India.


  • Stunning displays of purple and deep lilac flowers with silver tones
  • Burgundy buds open to shapely ruffled edged blooms.
  • Eye-catching white centers and golden stamens
  • Large trusses of floweres, up to 40 per stem
  • Healthy olive green matt foliage, strong upright stems

Floribunda Rose

Plant Age-  6 months

Fragrance- Strong

Rarity- One in a Million




Mauve or mauve blend Floribunda.
Exhibition name: Minerva ®
Bred by Martin Vissers (Belgium, 2004).
Introduced in Belgium by Viva International BVBA in 2010 as ‘Minerva’.
Purple, golden-yellow stamens, ages to light blue .  Strong, sweet fragrance.  Average diameter 3.25″.  Medium to large, full (26-40 petals), cluster-flowered, cupped bloom form.  Blooms in flushes throughout the season.

Medium, upright.

Height: 28″ to 32″ (70 to 80cm).



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