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Don’t be scared of growing roses

So, the scenario is, you love plants. You like every type of plant- the indoor ones, the brilliant lush leaves one, the fruit plants, the big trees and the tiny flowers. You love every pic of the plants and flowers on the internet. You spend time going to the nursery buying new ones.

But whenever you think of growing roses, you have a sudden feeling of repulsion. You think, NO I CAN’T DO IT. This often relates to the last time you grew a rose and it died in few days. Or it might relate to some posts you see online on how tough roses can be.

In your heart, you feel and you want to grow those lovely pieces of natural beauties, but you are a bit scared. Well, gear up as we are going to remove that problem.

Roses are one of the best and most popular flowers species on earth. Everyone loves the buds and flowers but not all like to grow them. So, what is the problem?

Rose needs extra care

Well, to be honest, roses do need extra care. But if you have one or two or 5 in your house, you can easily care for them. They need to be fed and watered regularly. You need to care for them as you care for a normal plant. It’s not that tough right.

Roses are very delicate plants

Roses are not delicate. This is a myth. In fact, roses are one of the hardiest plants. They are made for winters, but they do survive the heat of Indian weather. They grow and regrow and even after being cut several times a year, they come back strongly. So, remove this thing from your mind that roses are very delicate- they are not.

Roses need special feed

Some rose growers use special feed for roses. Well, you don’t need that. You have to start growing them and see the results as a normal rose lover would do. So, you just need simply feed them. You can give them NPK which is very common in any nursery. You can even give them DAP. They will do just fine.

Roses get diseases and pest’s attack

Well, if you think they do, then you know that every plant does that. Hibiscus gets affected by white bugs, mango gets affected by mites, zinnia has to face rotting, geranium rots in too much rain, chrysanthemums get affected by mites. Every plant has problems and so do roses. So, do not be scared again. Just get yourself a good fungicide to protect against Dieback and other fungus-related diseases and a good pesticide. We suggest using one from a local nursery or garden store.

Additional care?

Roses do not need any additional care. You just plant them, keep them at the right spot. They love the sun but they don’t like to be overwatered. They should be given everything is normal.

A general rule is to keep everything balanced. Not too much water, not too little water. Not too much eat, not less heat. Not too much fertilizer, not less fertilizer.

As simple care, keep pruning the spent flowers and keep de-budding the roses.  You can easily cut off any branch of a healthy rose and it will grow more shoots from that part.


In the end, never be afraid of buying and planting a rose. It is the world’s most beautiful flower and you need to have it, nurture it and enjoy its beauty. Also, keep in mind that nature is a set of unexpected things. Even if something happens, you can try to grow it again with another variety. Keep on growing and spreading greenery. Good luck

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