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How to get tons of flowers on rose plants

When you feel the cold breeze in the air, you do think of having the most beautiful flower plants in your garden. Current season of winters bring in with a happy feeling of having different flowers such as marigold, verbena, cineraria, dahlia and many more. This is also the right time to make some space for Roses. So, if you are buying new roses or taking care of the old ones, here are some tips to get you going. These will help you get tons of flowers with right form in your rose plants. Read till the end as we share some magical tricks too.

Do Ploughing regularly in old and new rose plants

During winters, plants require less water. Due to the winter, the water droplets from fog settle on the leaves and the soil which acts as an automated watering system. This might make the media stuffed and sticky. Hence, its important to give them some air. Ploughing the plants on regular basis is an important thing. Make sure that you leave the plant as it is for one day after doing the ploughing process.

Go for Basals

When you grow roses, the main idea to get the best result is to encourage plants develop more shoots. A thumb rule says that new plants will only lead to new flowers. Hence, its always beneficial to let the plant grow more shoots, branches and foliage. Here, you need to take care that you always encourage basal shoots of the rose plant. A rose plant having more than one basal shoot can go a long way to give as much as 30 or 40 buds in a single plant. Hence, you should always take care of the plant so that it grows more basal shoots. Using NPK and other natural fertilizer can be an ideal way to promote basal shoots.

Keep pruning to keep diseases away

While hard pruning is done once a year in rose plants to encourage better growth, you should keep doing light pruning every now and then. You see a branch becoming black, prune it away. You see a dead old branch, you may cut it. You can also cut the dead end shoots that are not producing any buds, can be recognized easily. Also, you should dead head the spend blooms. This often leads to more growth of the shoots which leads to better bloom  number. If you see that your rose is infected by some disease, pruning might be a good idea to say goodbye to the diseases. Many isssues such as dieback, spider mites, leaf curl and dominant growth can be dealt with by simply pruning the branches to a genuine level. Make sure that you do not prune too much as the plant needs leaves to survive and photosynthesize.