Haworthia Cymbiformis


  • Pointed fleshy leaves with light white stripes
  • Form pups very easily
  • easy to care
  • watering once a week
  • best for indoor plants
  • Ideal for small spaces
  • can be grown in small pots

Shipping details- The succulents are first dried for a day or two and then sent bare root, carefully wrapped in a soft tissue paper with proper caution taken along with great packing. We don’t send succulents to soil as it can cause root damage. It’s easier to revive a dry plant but impossible to revive a rotten plant. hence we don’t take that risk as with soil, excess water can rott the plant


The specific epithet, cymbiformis, means “boat-shaped.”

The cymbiformis Haworthia plant is also known as Cathedral Window Haworthia because of its translucent leaf tips.

Haworthia Cymbiformis Care

Size & Growth

The Haworthia cymbiformis grows to be about 3” inches tall.

The rate at which these plants grow is influenced strongly by environmental factors such as food and water availability and the quality of the substrate.

The leaves of the plant are bulbous and fleshy and sport dark stripes running from the center of the plant to the tip of the leaves.

The succulent leaves of Haworthia cymbiformis are pale green, and the tips are translucent to allow more light into the leaves.

Flowering & Fragrance

Blooms may be either pure white or very pale pink.

The tiny blossoms grow at the end of a tall stalk, about 8” inches high, during the growing season.

The small, white flowers are tubular shaped and appear from mid-spring to early summer.

green grasshopper on brown stones

In its natural setting, Cathedral Window Haworthia likes a half-and-half sun situation.

This to say; Haworthia cymbiformis likes the sun in the morning and half shade in the afternoon.

As houseplants, these succulents enjoy bright indirect sunlight with some partial shade.

Being somewhat shaded for about half the day is preferred.

Haworthia is exceptionally drought tolerant, but it cannot tolerate very low winter temperatures and frost.

Cymbiformis Haworthia is winter hardy in USDA hardiness zones 9 through 11.

They will grow as houseplants in any climate, year-round.

Watering & Feeding

Cathedral Window Haworthia is a drought tolerant evergreen succulent.

The plant prefers gritty, sandy soil kept dry to moderately moist.

It’s important to remember in nature, these plants grow during the months of summer rainfall.

Watering them excessively outside of these months will kill them.

You’ll know when it’s time to water your plant because the leaves will wither slightly.

Your goal is to water your plants the right amount to keep the leaves fleshy.

Your watering schedule will vary depending upon the time of year and the amount of humidity in the air.

Feed your Haworthia cymbiformis with a half-strength, all-purpose fertilizer once at the start of the growing season.

For houseplants, you may wish to use an especially formulated succulent fertilizer. In this case, follow packaging instructions.


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