Haworthia Heidelberg


Best features

  • Fleshy leaves
  • Pointed green leaves with white stripes
  • easy to care
  • watering once a week
  • best for indoor plants
  • Ideal for small spaces
  • can be grown in small pots

Shipping details- The succulents are first dried for a day or two and then sent bare root, carefully wrapped in a soft tissue paper with proper caution taken along with great packing. We don’t send succulents to soil as it can cause root damage. It’s easier to revive a dry plant but impossible to revive a rotten plant. hence we don’t take that risk as with soil, excess water can rott the plant


Haworthia turgida x retusa f/ Heidelberg: Thick, green foliage with light green striping. Slow growing, but will eventually reach over 6 inches tall. This plant flushes red in the bright sun easier than other Haworthia and reverts back to a lighter green in the shade.

Haworthia are able to tolerate low, indoor light, making them excellent houseplants, even for beginners. They are particularly easy to grow and rarely affected by common succulent pests and diseases. Strong, drought-tolerant roots will grow if they have great drainage and infrequent water. Pick deep containers with drainage holes and a gritty, well-draining soil that is 50% to 70% mineral grit (coarse sand, pumice, or perlite). Water deeply enough for water to run out the drainage hole and allow the soil to completely dry before watering again.

green cactus plant on brown clay pot

This genus tolerates high heat by slowing down and eventually going dormant in the peak of summer. This means that, unlike other succulents, it is important not to over-water or fertilize during summer dormancy and water a bit more frequently in the winter growing season. Haworthia are slow growers and tend to stay small in pots, but they will produce new offsets in clumps around their bases. These offsets can be left to develop into a dense clump or pulled off and transplanted.


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