Mesembryanthemums – Burf Plant – Rare Lemon Shade


  • Plant type- outdoors, winters and spring, pre-summers
  • Blooms in abundance, 50 blooms can be achieved from one plant at one time
  • Flowers unfold only in sunlight- a treat to eyes
  • Easy to care, require less water
  • Hardy with succulent type leaves and stems,
  • Watering- twice a week

Shipping details- The product will be shipped with a nicely packed poly bag having some media-either cocopeat or soil. Depending on season, we can also ship bare root for the safety of the plant

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The genus Mesembryanthemum is part of a current popular trend in gardening and houseplants. These are a group of flowering succulents. Their fleshy leaves, unique shapes and colors, and low maintenance requirements make them a great choice for gardens and containers. Learn more Mesembryanthemum plant information here to start growing your own. What are Mesembryanthemums? Mesembryanthemum plants are members of a genus of flowering plants that are native to several areas of southern Africa. They are considered succulents because of their fleshy leaves that hold a lot of water, like cactus.

purple flower in macro shot

They are also called ice plants because the leaves in this particular genus are often shiny and glistening, like ice. Not only do the Mesembryanthemums have interesting and attractive foliage, they have pretty flowers. In spring or summer, they will bloom with colorful, daisy-like flowers in red, yellow, white, pink, and other colors. Mesembryanthemum flowers can be clustered or single and tend to be long lasting. The plants grow 4 to 12 inches (10-31 cm.) tall and some spread out horizontally. The shorter varieties make a pretty groundcover, while the taller plants are great for edging and in rock gardens. Mesembryanthemum Plant Care Like other types of succulents, Mesembryanthemum plants need warm conditions and don’t tolerate overwatering or standing water. For growing Mesembryanthemums outdoors, you don’t have to live in the tropics or the desert, but you do need frost-free winters. If your winters are too cold, these plants do take well to containers and indoor environments.

Read more at Gardening Know How: Mesembryanthemum Plant Info: How To Grow Mesembryanthemum Flowers


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